Launched in 2010, Spreaker is the leading platform for creating, distributing, measuring, and listening to live, on-demand audio shows.


I've been contacted by the guys at Spreaker to help them in redesign the whole user experience across the web and mobile platforms.

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We started analyzing the current use of the application and the profiles and behaviour of the typical Spreaker users.

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Like every platform of this kind Spreaker has to serve both content creators and content consumer. It's very important to pay attention to each side needs and wants, so much so that the guys at Spreaker create specific tools for content creators while paying attention in continuosly improving and evolving the experience for the listeners.

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The focus of this specific project was to create a superb mobile experience for the Android users. The app had to be extremely easy to use for browsing, listening and even creating content.

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The context of use is obviously very different from what the user has on other platform, so all the project focused on simplicity, immediacy and ease of use.

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The app was received very well from the android users and got a lot of very good critique, becoming an important component of the all Spreaker efforts that brought the company surpassing 3M users, and keep growing fast.

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Take a look at Spreaker and at the Android App

He designs a product not only from the graphical point of view, but taking in account every single aspect and giving a lot of attention to the UX.

Marco Pracucci,