GameDevNews is a social news platform focusing on the indipendent gaming industry.

The website serves as a virtual space where indie game developers can share news and discus them, and it is designed with special attention to the mobile experience.

GameDevNews is maintened by PowerUp Games, so, even if GDN is a separate project, the aim was to keep the brand of GDN stilistically in line with the PowerUp Games one. And this, together with the relatively limited freedom due to the technological layer, were the two major constraints of the project.

We decided to use Periscope as a starting point and then iterate on that. (By the way, Periscope is a great platform for social news platforms).

Even if the platform is for a very narrow niche, we have a really good feedback from the users from the start. The overall activity on the platform also contributes to bring very targeted traffic to PowerUp Games.

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