Manuele Capacci

Designer, Tinkerer, Looking Sideways.

I’m an Interactive Product Designer, specialized in screen size independent solutions, who believes that a great attention to user experience and a design thinking approach are the soul of successful projects.

I help tech startups, digital entrepreneurs, product owners and developers, delight their users, discover what they really want and need, and how to match that with business objectives.

I tweet things over at , post stuff on dribbble, keep a portfolio on behance, and read emails sent to .

The Talent app is our most important product and Manuele helped us to make sure that we did the best job we can with it.

Oz Lublin,

The results are great, actually what I expected. Pretty much what we need. Manuele think about the whole product and ask the right questions so that we do not develop in the wrong way.

Andreas Voss,

He designs a product not only from the graphical point of view, but taking in account every single aspect and giving a lot of attention to the UX.

Marco Pracucci,
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Thanks to tried-and-true process I can help you make your product an exceptional experience by uniting your business goals with your customer’s needs.